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Hi guys, Best Drawings is OPEN again but due to busy schedule and only one admin is processing all the transfer...i have few points to make :)

1. submit your BEST drawing in your gallery and it will levelup in rank folder
2. you can only submit 1 (one) art per year so read no.1
3. if you get denied dont be sad just try to submit your best
4. submit it in LEVEL UP in PENDING FOLDER

thanks guys :)
Hi, I'm Jason, one of the co-founders of BestDrawings group, and I'm here to announce our new upcoming indie game that has been on the works for eleven months by 5-7 people(our activities change over time)/we're high school bestfriends originally and we're all 25+ year olds now. (You guys should know how sick and tired we are seeing our faces over and over again hahah ).…

tcwoua , our founder is a part of it and he did all the wonderful character designs which is significantly an improvement from our previous works and mainly it's the group which has helped us improve over time. I mean... If you take a look at our first attempt, you'll notice the difference when it comes to art quality -…

So what is Sierra Ops?
Sierra Ops is a game where you play the role of Captain Junius Fahrenheit, the person who's lucky enough to command the Sierra ,one of the strongest battleships during the first interplanetary war. Your choices, battle performance, and the way how you execute the missions affects the storyline drastically, so you have to be wise, plan ahead and conduct strategies carefully. Maxing out the ship stats will definitely not guarantee a good ending, as the game has a time limit mostly on the missions.

So why crowdfund this project?
To be honest, for the last eleven months we've been working on the game, we were told often that we're working on a terribly niche genre and that the target audience is a little too vague. There's really no easy way to get the word out to the gamers who might find the game interesting. I personally spearheaded the campaign because I wanted to make sure if it's really worth spending another year on the project and if people will support the game, and you know what? I'm really happy to know that there are people interested in the game. We reached the 1k mark today and it's really a huge milestone for us as I was expecting to just receive 3 digit funds by the end of it like how most indiegogo projects go.

That's all, and thank you for the time reading the article!
Hi, everyone who will join the :iconbestdrawings: ,before you join the group please paste a link of your greatest artwork on the members subscription :)

we will also browse your gallery if you are qualified to join the group, the group is we need to minimize the incoming arts :XD:, and its hard to maintain almost alone....the other staff rarely vote thou :XD:

if you ever got deny to join, you can always try! :)

thank you very much :)
After i get the opinion of the club, most voted is agreed to deny art that belong to nice folder and no longer need to message the arts in which folder it is.

this is due to high amount of arts received each day and the admin and staff is getting a hard time about it.^^;

Nice arts will be denied now, the judges will think twice before they deny the art. the new rules seems really harsh but to make you strive more, youll feel the feeling of rejection. Cool arts will still be accepted .

We will no longer message any arts unless it is belong to featured , Wow, A++ folder
as much as i want to rank all your works, it a time consuming to rank them all, i receive an average 40 arts a day and we have 7000 members.

i have a solution but i need your opinion too, thanks :D

Solution 1
- Only open on specific day , for example every saturday (one deviation per month)

Solution 2
- ill open 1 deviation per month BUT, when im approving art, ill look on thumbnail and accept if the drawing (thumbnail) is good and leave (not denying the art) if its bad to give a chance for resubmission.

Solution 3 (not included )
-more staff ( this will not work and this option is already the current option and still i recieve tons of arts)

Solution 4
- One art per year

Solution 5
- still 1 art per month but i will not message the art now for where is there art, and youll be the one  to look for it and looking for it is rather easy cause (ifs it realism, digital, black and white we have folders for that)

Solution 6
- ill deny art that belong to nice folder and accept only cool folder arts and up

please help me, cast your choice of solution, thank you :)
New Judge Transferer has been chosen ,this is what some asked to maintain the submission of 1 art per month :)

they are stricter than me so try your best ^_^

you can still apply, and read the message below :)

I received many bad and good comments on 2 arts per year submission ,the reason is i have hard time transferring them all by self, its too many,  my alternate solution is to  recruit a judge and transfer them, they are called the JUDGE TRANSFERER.

Ill try to recruit more or less 10 transferer, any one can apply by commenting here.

Rules and Condition of the transferer
1.  They will recieve a test that will determine if they know how to judge and transfer the art correctly.
2. The test will be given on a note and youll judge the art by ranking (if its wow, brilliant, A++, A+, awesome, amazing, kawaii, cool and nice rank )(dont worry ill give in the same note on how the ranking works, its better if you know already)
3. There will be 36 arts on the Note and 4 mistake is allowed or you faill
4. Passer will become Co-founder of the group
5. If this idea works well ,i can increase the volunteer to the maximum possible :)
6. You can comment that "may i join is enough " and a NOTE TEST will be send to you :)
7. Any clarification are welcome :)

I invite you all! :D

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